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What is Business Maximizer?

The Business Maximizer is a program that provides school owners detailed business systems and training. This program has complete marketing systems, sales procedures, staff training and so much more.

Our Martial Arts Business Maximizer will help you Grow Your Business, Increase Revenue, Ensure Exciting Classes, and Have Your Community Talking About Your School! These cutting-edge systems that have grown thousands of martial arts schools and made our owner's studios the top in the nation.

The success of Premier Martial Arts and Martial Arts Management Group allows YOU to take advantage systems and processes that are already proven by thousands of studios. There are NO Theories, No Guessing, No Philosophy with our systems, ONLY PROVEN RESULTS!

How Our Program Works?

Our systems are designed to take you through the systematic steps needed to run a successful studio.

Our series of training modules will give you the the right information - in the right order necessary to implement our management, marketing, program directing, instructor training, and staff training business systems in a method that will have the greatest impact on your business.

These modules come complete with written text and audio or video files to ensure easy and effective implementation.

Here are some highlights and details about the Business Maximizer Program and some of business systems and trainings we offer, however we can't possibly list them all, there is much... much more!

Rock Solid Business Foundations

You can’t build a business and lifestyle without a rock-solid foundation.

We will provide you the processes to make sure that you will be building a business and future that will last, grow and enable you to duplicate your business into multiple locations if you choose to.

Business Systems Tools

Some of business systems tools that you will be taught and given are:

• Effective Class Scheduling
• Statistics Tracking and Systems
• Management Operation Manual
• Pre-Written Operations Letters, Documents, and Forms
• Goal Setting and Planning
• Staff Training Systems
• Call Scripts

Effective Sales Systems

Selling is not to be taken haphazardly. Name one ultra-successful company that does not have a complete step by step sales process?

That’s right, there are none. Now if you want mediocre results, then this program is not for you! But if you want sales systems that are easy and actually motivating to your prospective students, then you will find the part of our program invaluable!

Sales Processes

Some of our sales processes include....

• Two Lesson Trial Program Introductory Courses
• Children and Adult Introductory Programs
• 6 Weeks Trials Program
• Mass Introductory System
• Enrollment Sales Conference
• Upgrade Conference
• Renewal Conference
• VIP Sales Closes


There are no other complete sales process in the martial arts industry. No one has over 90+ schools running the same system with success.

We hang our hat on the success of Premier Martial Arts and Management Group clients. Would you like to be our next bragging right?

The Nine Of Nine Martial Arts Marketing Strategies

There are many methods of marketing. Some are internal, some external, some are too expensive for our industry, and many systems are just simply either not implemented or executed wrong.

We have designed training modules for the nine marketing actions that a martial arts school should conduct 90% of the time to get 90% of their results. And of course we have the other bonus advertising and marketing ideas that we will teach you that will be icing on the marketing cake.

Some of our marketing strategies include...

• Current Facebook and Social Media Best Practices
• Digital Marketing for the Martial Arts including website consulting, Google AdWords, lead generation and email marketing
• Business to Business
• Mass Intro Marketing Systems
• The Business of Martial Arts Birthday Parties
• Professional Results Driven Promotions
• Non-Profit Networking
• Effective Referral Programs
• Internal Marketing like Buddy Events, Parents Night Out, White Belt Buddy Bashes, VIP Contest and More!

Retention, Upgrade and Renewals Processes

Every school owner likes to think that they KEEP their students, that they have great RETENTION, and hardly ever LOSE anyone. But that my friends is unrealistic and simply not true, every studio loses students.

But we want to make sure that you lose as few as possible. Plus, the fastest way to INCREASE the revenue in your business is to implement effective UPGRADE PROGRAMS. Upgrade programs provide many additional income streams for the business of the martial arts.

Create a New Income Stream

Many studios only really have one primary market to sell to, and that is signing up new students.

But by grouping the different aspects of your curriculum into different training programs, you now can add your existing students as another market to sell.

Further many studios only have one product to sell and that is their general instruction.

But with the proper implementation of upgrade programs you can add several new products and programs that can be sold to new and existing students alike. Example, imagine two auto sales businesses. One only sales one model and one color of car.

The other has different models, different colors, and with different options, all at different price points and customers are encouraged to trade up to a better model anytime they wish. Who do you think will sell more cars?

With our retention, upgrades and renewal processes you will be able to better keep MORE STUDENTS, as you make MORE MONEY.

Proven Systems

Some of these systems include...

• The Basic Experience
• Retention and upgrade actions in the student's first 90 days.
• The Six Opportunities to Upgrade
• New Student Retention and Upgrade Email Program
• Mass Upgrade Systems
• Monthly Student Evaluations (Stripe Testing)
• Exciting and Motivation Belt Test and Graduations
• Subtle Selling on the Class Floor
• Customer Service Quality Control Systems
• Achieve Patch Program

Instructor Training

Our online instructor training includes a free membership to!

No amount of marketing can overcome a mediocre instructor and classroom floor.

The Instructor University will help you Grow Your Business, Increase Revenue, Ensure Exciting Classes, and Have Your Community Talking About Your School!

Just as important as what we teach, is HOW WE TEACH, and how our students feel while learning.

This online program is complete with all the details on how to be "THE" martial arts instructor in your area that parents and students can't stop talking about.

Some of what The Instructor University includes are...

Mr. Van Over's famous Drill for Skill / Belt Striping with over 100 drills to insure your classes are educational and exciting.

The Black Belt Excellence character development program to empower and develop great students that become great people. (Includes 18 months of mat chats scripts and videos to continue to resell the benefits of your school to the parents of your students.)

Mr. Van Over's Online Instructor College to train your instructors how to be the best instructors in your area and rock out your classes while developing amazing students. (Complete with online exams to test your instructor's knowledge of being a rock star instructor!)

Powerful Curriculum

Here is just a small sample of curriculum taught in this amazing program.

• Exciting Ways to Line Up Your Students for Class
• The Secrets to Keeping Warm Ups Pumped and Fun
• Powerful Class Formations to Keep Your Classes Different
• Tips for Teaching Exciting Classroom Drills
• Adult Self Defense Drills
• How to Execute Meaningful Personal Development Lessons in Your Classes
• How to Relate Personal Development Lessons to Any Physical Martial Arts Technique
• Classroom Connecting and Communication Techniques for Instructors
• Instructor Communication Drills
• 5 Step Approach to Correcting a Student's Bad Behavior in Class
• The Cycle of Instruction
• Classroom Drills for Skills for Any Style of Martial Arts to Make Your Classes a Blast!
• Understanding the Instructor's Financial Impact on the Business of the Martial Arts
• And Much Much More.....

Online Igniter

Do You Struggle with Creating Content And Knowing How To Best Use These Modern Methods Of Marketing?

Wouldn’t it be great to drive enough customers into your business just from your website, social media and email marketing to hit your business goals each month?!

The Online Igniter Program Can Help!

Everything You Need

Our New Online Igniter Program provides all the pre-written content, ad campaign designs and graphics that you will need for you to begin getting REAL marketing results and sign ups from your Digital Marketing.

Mr. Van Over has been in the martial arts industry for over 30 years now and consults martial arts studio owners all of the world, and never before has he seen such a shift when it comes to marketing for the martial arts than social media and digital marketing.

If your Facebook followers stop liking, sharing, or clicking your post, THEY WILL STOP SEEING MANY OF YOUR POST!

Proven Strategies

The Online Igniter program will share with you proven strategies to build your followers, keep them engaged, and convert them to NEW STUDENTS!

We do all the writing and provide you the images, pictures and graphics, all you have to do is post!

Let us make you an expert at social media marketing. We will provide everything you need to grow your followers, keep them engaged and create sales.

Email Marketing

The Online Igniter program is complete with Email Marketing Campaigns for your ever needed digital marketing strategies.

Only 6% of people visiting a website make a purchase. So it is very important that once we gather a potential student's email that maximize our efforts to create great email marketing content that will sell them and sign them up!

This is one area that that most school need massive help with! We will provide to you pre-written emails for you monthly that will highly convert your email prospect list to New Students! And this program even gives you email funnels for your new students to better increase their retention, sell your upgrade systems and to support your renewal procedures.

Monthly Focus Group Sessions

Would you like your questions and challenges handled by Barry Van Over and Myles Baker?

These monthly small group sessions, will be you will have the opportunity to network with a group of other owners/managers to discuss your business victories, challenges, issues that are holding back, and get any of your questions answered.

These sessions are a great way to develop a focused - motivated mindset and provide a little personal accountability on your progress. Learn how to build your business to be bigger than YOU! Break out of the technician role and into the entrepreneurial role with the help of Mr. Van Over and Mr. Baker.

Private Facebook Group

For Cutting Edge Ideas, Information Distribution from Mr. Van Over and Networking with Top school owners.

You will have access to a private Facebook group of the top instructors and owners in the country in which you can network, ask questions, and share ideas!

Black Belt Business Webinars

In these webinars, Mr. Van Over will discuss business, management, and marketing system of martial arts industry that will ensure that you are getting the best information and ideas that work and will help and support your goals and growth.

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